Comparative Billing Reports

CBR Support

The Comparative Billing Report (CBR) team engages in continual development of CBR Support materials and website functionality. These materials and functionality are created in order to give providers various tools they can utilize when reading their CBRs. They also provide assistance in understanding the analytic data provided in the CBR release data sets. Links and descriptions to these materials and functionality are provided below.


The Dissemination page provides a brief overview of eGT's address procedures and providers' options for changing addresses in the CBR database.

The Self-Audit Help page provides a high-level overview for providers seeking guidance on how to begin the self-audit process.

The Interactive US Map populates tables containing data collected from claims analysis for a specific state and the nation for all Comparative Billing Report (CBR) release analysis data. This gives providers who did not receive CBRs an idea of what their state peer averages are for the topic in question.