Comparative Billing Reports


CBRs are currently disseminated via fax or U.S. Mail. Other secure means of transmission are being contemplated for future implementation. Addresses and fax numbers used in dissemination are obtained from the Provider Enrollment, Chain & Ownership System (PECOS) and the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES).

If you are a provider and would like to change your address or fax number in the CBR system, please go to the NPPES website to change your FAX information or the PECOS website to update your mailing address. The NPPES and PECOS systems are updated with submitted changes on a daily basis. The CBR Address Management System is updated once a month before the CBR release.

If you are a provider who would like to receive CBRs via mail rather than fax or would like to specify an alternate form of delivery (i.e., an alternate address or fax) for your CBRs that is not documented in NPPES or PECOS, please call the CBR Support Help Desk to set this up.

Please keep in mind that if a provider specifies an alternate form of delivery for individual CBRs, that provider’s contact information will no longer be updated to the NPPES or PECOS systems after their specification is applied in the contact system. The provider will then need to contact the CBR Support Help Desk whenever address changes are made in the future.