Comparative Billing Reports

CBR Education

The CBR team hosts an educational webinar approximately four weeks after the CBR reports are disseminated. All presentations are provided by CMS contractor eGlobalTech and its subcontractor, Palmetto GBA. During the webinars, providers and suppliers have an opportunity to interact directly with the CBR content specialists.

The All Webinars page contains a list of all the webinars the CBR team has hosted and provides a link to each webinar page which contains the webinar recordings, slides, transcripts, questions, and other webinar information.

All webinars follow a typical outline. The presentations begin with an introduction to the CBR project and the purpose of the program. The presenters then delve into each section of the specific CBR being examined to include an overview of the coverage policy and documentation requirements for items included in the topic of the CBR, source references, the methods used to produce the report, an examination of the analysis, and additional resources available to you. After the presentation, there is a question and answer session followed by a brief survey.

If you did not receive a CBR in the mail or via fax, you may download a copy of any Sample CBR through the CBR Releases links in the menu above. A Sample CBR is produced for each topic, and webinar attendees may find it beneficial to have a copy of a CBR available to reference.


To maximize the quality of the webinar, the following items are technical requirements for joining a webinar on AnyMeeting:

• Windows 7 and higher / MAC OSX 10.7 and higher*

• Recommended Browsers - Latest version of Chrome or Firefox

• Alternate Browsers - Internet Explorer, Edge, and Safari can only be used via desktop application supplied by AnyMeeting

• Wired (not wireless) Broadband internet connection with an upload speed of 1Mbps or more

• Latest version of Adobe Flash Installed

• Turn pop up blocker off or put in your allowed list

*Attendees may additionally join a meeting using iPad, Android tablet, or iPhone using the AnyMeeting app found in the app store of your mobile device. Pre-installing the app will streamline entrance to the webinar and is therefore recommended.


The following supplemental webinar materials are produced and made available both before and after the webinar:

• References and Resources

• Webinar Slides available 1 day prior 

• MP4 of webinar available within 5 business days following the event

• Webinar Handout available within 5 business days following the event

• Webinar Question & Answer Document available within 14 days following the event


Prior to joining a webinar, attendees can test their systems and become more familiar with the guidelines by visiting the following Anymeeting websites:

• Take the system test:

• Attendees guide to joining a meeting:

• Attendee Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

• Chrome audio guide for Attendees:

• Anymeeting Applications for Computers:


The CBR project has made every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of the information and web links provided in the CBR materials at the time of publication; however, Medicare policy changes frequently, so the information and links within the material may change without further notice.  It is the responsibility of the provider to remain up-to-date with Medicare Program requirements.

CBR materials are prepared as a service to the public and are not intended to grant rights or impose obligations. The information provided in the CBR material is only intended to be a general summary.  It does not supersede or alter the coverage and documentation policies outlined in the local coverage determinations (LCD) and Policy articles for the A/B Medicare Administrative Contractors (MAC) or Durable Medical Equipment Medicare Administrative Contractors (DME MAC). Please refer any specific questions you may have to the A/B MAC or DME MAC for your region. We encourage providers to review the specific statutes, regulations, and other interpretive material for a full and accurate statement of their contents.